Australian Wagyu Beef

Australian Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef is internationally renowned for its quality and taste. Over the past 10 years Australia has emerged as a top producer of Wagyu Beef. The quality of Australian Wagyu has been recognised internationally with Waves Pacific specially selecting the top Australian Wagyu beef suppliers.



Beyond the Marbling: Superior Meat Quality

The quality of Wagyu is determined by more than just its marbling.  At Waves Pacific, we select Wagyu beef with a depth of quality. Cattle from our Australian suppliers put their weight on at a natural, healthy rate and are fed with non-GMO feed. At no point are growth hormones or antibiotics used and the farming and rearing conditions are exemplary. With plenty of space to roam and a stress-free environment, the final beef is untainted and robust in its flavour. This exceptional flavour is enhanced by fine marbling and our own in-house aging process. The result: superior Wagyu beef products perfect for a range of cuisines and preparation methods.

Mayura Station Full Blood Wagyu Bone-n Ribeye

Mayura Station Full Blood Wagyu Bone-n Ribeye

We offer a variety of cuts and marble-score levels from both Full-blood and Cross-bred Wagyu cattle. 

Whether you're looking for the pure indulgence of a rich marbled steak, an honest traditional T-Bone, or a fork tender braise, Waves Pacific Wagyu can be enjoyed in dozens of succulent dishes. 

Waves Pacific offers a variety of cuts and marble score from Full Blood and Cross Bred Wagyu cattle.

Full-Blood Wagyu

Full-blood Wagyu are the offspring of a Wagyu Sire and Wagyu Dam, the origins of which come from Japan. Full-blood Wagyu has at no time been cross-bred with any other breed of cattle.


Cross-Bred Wagyu

Cross-bred Wagyu have been bred with other breeds of cattle. The categorization for cross-bred Wagyu begins at F1 (a first cross animal, 50%) increasing to F2, etc, the higher the number, the greater the purity of the beef. Waves Pacific sources mostly Wagyu beef of category F2 and above to ensure quality.