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Waves works with parties that help make sure that the farmers and producers who harvest these products are truly benefiting from their hard work.


Black Truffle

Our Black Truffles come directly from the farm to our door to insure they are the freshest in Hong Kong. We source our truffles directly from Australia and Spain.



Our supplier has sets up direct relationships with the vanilla farmers by setting up a direct Co-op. Our growers are located in Papa New Guinea, who grow the tahitian variety and Madagascar, who grow the bourbon variety..



Grown by the Zade family these saffron are premium quality from Iran. Grown and harvested by the family using traditional methods that help preserve the quality, fragrance and color.



N25, stands for the extraordinary origin that makes our product truly unique. Located at 25° north latitude in Yunnan Province of China, their aquaculture facility sits in the Yunnan plateau, known as China’s hidden gem of natural beauty. It provides their sturgeon with the cleanest air, purest spring water, and the optimal climate to raise the sturgeons that give birth to our caviar

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N25 Special Reserve Kaluga

Pure bred Huso dauricus (Kaluga sturgeon) caviar. The most noble and exclusive sturgeon species. Our Special Reserve caviar has an elegant and unique depth of flavor that is unparalleled by any caviar. This caviar is produced by the most mature sturgeons, between 15 and 25 years of age. The caviar has a gorgeous nutty flavor, large pearls, firm and smooth texture, and a golden color. It is perhaps the most rare caviar available in the world.

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N25 Amur Schrenckii Golden Collection

The schrenckii is a caviar cherished by many for its very unique flavor flavor profile with floral, nutty, buttery notes. The roe is medium in size and light brown in color with a beautiful golden shimmer. The aging of this caviar is up to 7 months to extract the hidden potential. A connoisseur's choice.