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Waves Pacific recognizes the importance of preserving our oceans resources. That’s why we make a concerted effort to source from a select group of fishermen and fisheries that practice sustainable methods.



Ōra King Salmon

Ōra King Salmon are committed to breeding the best quality King (Chinook) Salmon; the most prestigious breed of salmon in the world. Raised in the pristine waters of New Zealand they are one the few salmon fisheries to have the highest ‘Green” rating by the Monterey Seafood Watch for their sustainable practices in making sure that their salmon are processed in a way with minimal environmental impact along with maintaining a high level of fish welfare throughout the salmon’s life.


Australian Barramundi (SEa BAss)

Northern Territory saltwater Barramundi (Lates calcarifer) are one of Australia’s favorite fish. The skin crisps up beautifully due to a thin layer of healthy fat between the meat and the skin and the meat is moist and flavorful. The fishery is considered sustainable under its BAP (Best Aquaculture Practice) certification; meaning that the fishery must show a strong commitment to the environment, social integrity, and the health of the fish and consumer.


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Fraser Island Spanner Crab

Spanner Crab meat is unique and unlike other types of crab meat. Along with being sweet and succulent it’s texture is much more similar to a very tender lobster meat rather than the stringier nature of other crabmeat. The Spanner Crabs are fished off the coast of Queensland 11 months out of the year. The fishery was one of the first to be certified sustainable under the 1999 Biodiversity and Environment Protection Act and has since been recognised by environmental groups as having a zero by-catch and zero effect on the sea floor. By integrating sustainable business and environmental practices we are working to ensure that the world can enjoy the distinctive and delicious flavours of Fraser Isle Spanner Crab for many years to come.


Moreton Bay Flathead Lobster

Moreton Bay Flathead Lobsters (Moreton Bay Bugs) are a true Australian delicacy. Their meat is prized for their sweet succulence exhibiting qualities closer to a scampi than a lob-ster. Slade Fisheries offer a raw frozen meat vacuumed pack version. Each piece ranging from 30-50 grams.