Spanner Crab

Australian Frozen Raw Queensland Spanner Crab Meat

Caught off the coast of Queensland, Australia, Waves Pacific’s Spanner Crab meat is processed raw and frozen to preserve its ocean-fresh sweet, plump and juicy meat.

Conventional processors tend to package cooked, canned and pasteurised meat which is watered-down leaving a “tinny” flavour.

Waves Pacific’s Spanner Crabs are processed the same day they are caught fresh. Skill, care and attention is paid to picking out the raw meat to fill convenient 500-gram packs.

World-renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda of Tetsuya’s in Sydney has helped to develop this frozen Spanner crabmeat. The result of his expertise and taste of quality ensures that the crabmeat tastes as fresh as if you had caught it yourself. His belief in the product is evident in his featuring of it in many of his signature dishes including Ravioli of Queensland Spanner Crab.

The packs themselves are pure meat, increasing value. One pack yields about the equivalent amount of meat (500 grams/1 pound) that one would get from a 3-4 kg weight of whole crab(s). Each pack of crabmeat comes in easy-to-use re-sealable 500 gram shatter-resistant plastic containers.

About the Spanner Crab

The Spanner Crab, also known as Ranina Ranine, is most commonly caught in the pristine tropical waters off the Queensland coast. Spanner Crabs tend to inhabit tidal-waters, preferring bare, sandy areas. They can usually be found buried in the sand, sometimes at depths of more than a hundred meters, from where they launch attacks on passing prey.  

The Spanner Crab fishery is the first in Australia to be recognised as a sustainable fishery.

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