About Us

Founded in 2002, Waves Pacific Limited is one of Hong Kong's premier food distributors. With a emphasis on service and quality, Waves Pacific is the preferred supplier for many of Hong Kong's top culinary institutions. Initially established as a premium supplier of Australian Wagyu beef, Waves Pacific has expanded to include an exclusive selection of high-quality, international products.  The company sources its imported products solely from the highest calibre of suppliers. Many of our meat and gourmet products originate from farms and producers which do not use hormones or antibiotics and who practice environmentally sustainable production methods.

Waves Pacific is also an ISO 2200 certified food factory in which we can help create value added products. Our facility is outfitted with modern processing equipment that can produce fresh minced meats, fillet fish, and portioned meats from boneless and bone in product. Our processing and storage facility are located on the same premise to insure greater traceability.